What is the best way to contact you?

Via e-mail at tattoo@paulapetroll.com or simply use the contact form here.

What is the best time to contact you?

You can send me a message any time, I check my mails daily and will get back to you within 1-2 days.

Where do you work?

In my private studio in Berlin Wedding, near S Gesundbrunnen.

How long is a tattoo session?

That depends on the motif and size of the tattoo. The bigger the tatto, the longer it takes.

Is your hourly rate negotiable?


Do you do promo-campaigns or vouchers?

Every now and then I offer a reduced hourly rate for recomandations. If you want to give someone a gift certificate for a tattoo as a present- that is of course possible.

What should a message include?

Anything that’s relevant for your tattoo, such as: Which body part and what kind of motif you have in mind. Feel free to send me links or pictures of images, tattoos or flashes you like, preferably from my work. You can also include a little background information about yourself and why you want a tattoo. It would be also good to know if you’re living in Berlin or what’s the next time you will be visiting. Questions are of course also welcome!

I am vegan/vegetarian, are your colours too?

Absolutely. I use only products that don’t contain any animal products and are produced animal-cruelty-free. Furthermore, I try to make the whole tattoo process as environmentally friendly as possible, of course without neglecting hygiene standards.

Do you tattoo on all bodyparts?

In principal, yes. However, not every tattoo suits every body part. Just contact me with your ideas and we will figure out what is possible.

Are there motifs you wouldn’t tattoo?

I prefer to tattoo my own motifs in my own style, because that is what I do best and where I can guarantee you get the best, prettiest tattoo. I would never copy another tattoo artist’s work. Symbols that are against human rights, morals or ethics are an absolut no-go.

Is it possible to get a tattoo in colour or do you only work in black and white?

Colours are of course possible. Let’s talk about what you have in mind and if it is doable.

Do you also do other body modifications (Piercing, Branding etc.)?

No, I have neither the tools nor the expertise for that.

Do I have to know which specific motif I want?

Not specifically, however it helps if you have a first idea of what your tattoo should include. It doesn’t have to be a finished image- a special memory, your favourite song or animal also work as a starting point. You can have a look in my gallery for inspiration.

I want a tattoo but I don’t know where or what, can you help me?

In principal: yes. But I do need a few pointers to see in which direction it could go. Just write me with everything you already know, for example: Why do you want a tattoo? Which body parts would be ok and which ones wouldn’t (do you want to be able to cover it up with clothing etc.). Feel free to send me images or links of motifs you like. You can have a look in my gallery here and here for inspiration.

I have something on my body, I am unhappy with, can you cover that up?

Basically, yes. It of course depends on what you want to have covered up- an old tattoo, scars, pigment disorders… And what that and the skin around it look like. Preferably I incorporate what’s there into your individual design. Just send me a picture of what bothers you and we’ll see what is possible.

I really like that one flash, can I have that but different?

Of course. Let’s talk about what you have in mind and alter the design accordingly. Just send me a message with a link to the motif you like and a few words about it: what you like and what you’d want different and where you can imagine it on your body.

I saw a tattoo on your website that I really like, can I have that?

Thanks, that’s nice to hear. On principal I tattoo every specific tattoo only once. It would be best if you write me a message with your favourite tattoo and a few words about what it is about that tattoo you specifically like and where you want to have it on your body. That way I can use it as a starting point for your own individual design.

I saw this tattoo by another attoo artist, can you do this on me?

No. Out of respect for other tattoo artists and their work, as well as my own. It makes more sense to get a tattoo from someone whose style you like.

I know exactly which tattoo I want and where, when can we start?

Cool! If we’ve never spoken before, I would like to quickly discuss what you have in mind. My client’s ideas don’t always fit a hundred percent with the motif or the body part. Of course it speeds up the design process enormously if you know exactly what you want and where. Just drop me a line with your ideas and we will find a date.

We have an appointment for a tattoo consultation, should I bring a down payment?

Yes, please. My down payment is 50€. They will be taken into account for the price of your final tattoo.

Why handpoke?

The short answer is; I like the technique and the style.

Do you also do machine tattoos?

No, I am specialized in handpoking.

I heard some tattoo colours are poisonous…?

All my colours and other products are produced under European DIN-regulations and I purchase them only from professionell suppliers, mainly from Germany or the UK. They do not contain any harmful substances.

Can I see a list of the products you’re using?

Sure. I have a detailed list in my studio: What I purchase where, which ingredients the products contain and how I recycle the waste as environmentally friendly as possible.

Should I bring provisions for our tattoo appointment?

You can get water, coffee and tea here. Usually, I can also offer you a small, vegan self baked snack. Besides that: Feel free to bring your own food, getting a tattoo is hard work for you as well.

Are there breaks?

Yes, as many as you need.

And other distractions?

Getting a tattoo is painful, how much depends on different factors- the more rested you are, the more bearable it is, for example. I have a few things here to distract you: A stress ball you can mangle for some tension release, a small collection of audiobooks etc.

Any other prep I need to do before our tattoo appointment?

You should arrive well-rested and not hungry. Wear something comfortable and please be sober regarding drugs and alcohol.

Can I bring a friend?

Rather not. Especially because it will get quite boring for another person since my focus will be completely with you and your tattoo. If there is a specific reason why you need this person with you: let’s talk about it and figure something out.

How long does it take until my new tattoo is healed?

How long should I leave the wrapping on and how often do I need to clean/moisturize my new tattoo?

We are going to talk about the best aftercare for your new tattoo in detail at your appointment. I will also give you a leaflet with recomandations on how to take care of your new ink best. In general: You can take off the wrapping foil after approximately two hours, after that you should carefully clean your tattoo 3-4 times a day with lukewarm water and apply a thin, thin layer of the ointment of your choice. Your tattoo should be healed after about 6 weeks.

What was your longest session?

So far the longest session went for 7 hours, including a small break. The longest consecutive session went for three days.

Can I see your more of your artwork?

Yes, here:PaulaArt

Do you have tattoos yourself?

Heck, yes.

Have you tattooed yourself?

Oh yeah. In the beginning for practice- before starting to poke actual clients I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing. By now, because I like my work. It’s going to be interesting once I’ve covered every part I can reach, but that might still take a wee bit.

Why did you become a tattoo artist?

I have always been interested in body decoration, even before I had tattoos myself. With time that interest (and the ink under my skin) grew. After getting my master’s degree in fine art, I was looking for new ways to apply my drawings and discovered humans as a canvas.

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