I’m Paula- a German artist and tattoo-artist, currently based in Berlin.

Patterns. Structures. Horizons.

My drawings focus on graphic and pictorial motives. I mainly think and draw in patterns and structures, but am also influenced by animals, symbols and organic and floral ornaments. Hatchings, lines and dots connect elements, create depth and new images. Details and new textures become a projection ground for new associations. To see more of my Fine Art work, click here.

Hygienic. Sustainable. Vegan.

With Care. For You.

Especially with tattoos, it is important to not only have a nice motive, but to also know where it sits well. When placing a tattoo, I take care to appreciate and accentuate body shapes, following curves and placing individual accents. Every body is interesting in its own, unique way – to me, peculiarities like scars or birth marks are special features that can be incoorperated into or specially framed by your tattoo.

With Care. For the Environment.

Where hygienic standards allow, I use eco-friendly products, such as glass and metal containers, materials that are either bio-degradable and/or come from recycled or renewable sources. I purchase everything as locally as possible to keep transport ways short. Finding products that are as enviromental-friendly as they are up to hygiene- and safety-standards, is a process – I aim to have only the unavoidable 10% waste per tattoo, so that the only thing I leave behind is the ink under your skin.

With Care. For Animals.

All the products I use are vegan, which means that they not only don’t contain any animal products, but are also animal-testing-free.


I have a full list of everything I use in my studio, so that you can retrace where everything comes from and where it will go. You can always ask me any kind of tattoo-related question.




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